Leading Teens Closer to Christ



We are overjoyed to have your family join us this year at Youth Ministry!

As you may already know, our program serves youth and their families beginning in 6th grade and continuing on into college. We pride ourselves on serving the needs of families outside of our Parish boundaries as well, extending invitations to the local public & home-schooled communities. Because we serve such a large group of people year after year, we try to offset the costs of retreats, Edge/Life Nights, and service projects by charging a registration fee at the beginning of the year.

The small fee that you pay each year helps us continue our ministry by allowing us to purchase the necessary supplies and latest materials for Edge/Life Nights, participating in service projects throughout our community (food drives, adopting families at the holidays), and most importantly, offering retreat scholarships. You'll find below the links to download a registration form as well as the registration fees broken down by the number of youth involved in our program. All registration fees are due upfront at the beginning of the year, however if the full amount is a financial burden all at once, we kindly accept payment plans. Please reach out to Candice if you need to discuss financial assistance further.

We are blessed to have you and look forward to journeying with your family closer to Christ in this upcoming year!


Candice Fabrie, Youth Minister

Edge Registration: (6th - 8th grade)

Life Teen Registration (9th - 12th grade)

Young Apostles Registration (9th - 12th grade)


Cost is the same for all participating ministries:

$80 - 1 youth

$130 - 2 youth

$160 - 3 or more youth