Leading Teens Closer to Christ

Life Teen

Life Teen



Life Teen is our high school youth program for grades 9th thru 12th. With a well rounded curriculum that balances catechesis, service projects, retreats and socials we strive to lead our teens closer to Christ. We embrace our “uncool factor” in comparison to other youth ministries across the Tri City area but we pride ourselves in bringing the truth and love of Jesus Christ to all who walk through our doors.

Life Teen meets Sundays after the 5:00pm Youth Mass until 8:00pm in the Youth Center. Life Nights begin in mid-August after our Kick-Off and continue until the end of May. We typically follow the school calendars, taking time off for holidays and Fall/Spring breaks.

Over the summer, we suspend weekly Life Nights but continue to serve our teens by providing fun social events, service opportunities, and the opportunity to attend Steubenville West Conference in Tucson, AZ.

If you’re interested in signing your child up for Life Teen or want more information on the program and how to volunteer, please contact the Youth Office at (928) 445-3141 ext. 312 or email us directly at YouthMinistry@sacredheartprescott.com.